Business Consulting

TenKK Consulting Ltd. provides professional business consulting service including marketing analysis, operation strategy, financial optimization, risk control, and human resource management to enterprises in Canada. We support entrepreneurs to settle down and develop their business, based on our various experience within different indutries. TenKK would love to share the happiness with our clients to be prosperous in their business.

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Public Relation

An open letter to the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Immigrants are the significant driving force of BC’s business investment and economic development. All these culturally diverse communities together make BC more dynamite and energetic economically and socially. The development of local infrastructures and people’s living standard are raised by the constant effort of all different communities. TenKK has been dedicated contributing to the society and building positive communication between government and local business.

News article regarding the open letter

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About TenKK

TenKK Consulting Ltd. has been dedicated to providing professional business and management consulting service to global enterprises that intend to establish and develop in Canada, to solve their developing difficulties caused by language, culture, marketing specifics, economic policies. The company goal is to improve communication and interaction between oversea and Canadian business.