A Public Letter to the Ministry of Jobs Trade and Technology

Honourable Bruce Ralston
The Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology
The Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology


Dear Mr. Bruce Ralston:

As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, on behalf of all the staff here at Tenkk Consulting, we would like to wish you and all people in Canada a happy and prosperous 2018.

Mr. Bruce Ralston, you may share the arrival of new immigrants in British Columbia drives many investment opportunities in different sectors. Their contributions enhance the value of multiculturalism and help develop local communities and the economy of this beautiful province. For instance, the implementation of urban transit system has enabled Vancouverites to commute within dependable time; many new high-density dwellings built in the past few years have swiftly improved the landscapes of Great Vancouver Area. This symbolizes a modernized Vancouver and a city that constantly improves the local living standards for its residents.

In the past few years, immigrants have made their best efforts to explore different sectors of BC to identify investment opportunities. They tirelessly discover the values of BC industries, and contribute in many areas with expertise, skillsets, knowledge and their financial resources. During the last two decades, immigrants have created numerous career opportunities in BC and increased import and export business opportunities.

However, as globalization continues to reshape our lives, some traditional industries are facing challenges from all aspects. Immigrants who expect higher investment returns of business hold their funds due to lack of confidence towards traditional industries. More reasons behind their hesitation are difficulties to overcome language and culture barriers, to adapt to different political-business relations, and to get along with local customs and ideologies. They are really seeking constructive solutions from governments and communities to assist them in overcoming the difficulties mentioned above and help them build confidence for investments and businesses.

In particular, the import/export trades between Canada and China are increasing rapidly in recent years. During the Gateway ’17, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and an influential Chinese entrepreneur, Yun Ma, exchanged and proposed mutually beneficial programs for trades between Canada and China. It is obvious that our government has strong interest and initiative to attract foreign investments in attempt to boost our local economy. There comes to a question: whether there is enough support for people with foreign experience, like new investors in BC and Mr. Ma Yun in China, to adapt to local business culture and be successful in their investment.

As a local business consulting company, Tenkk would like to bring up a “Gateway Project” to your attention. We believe this project could mitigate many difficulties when immigrant investors first come to Canada which would further facilitate economic development in BC.

The Gateway Project has two main pursues as outlined below:

1. The Gateway Project would work with provincial government to solve common problems shared by immigrant investors and assist these investors to work along with businesses in BC. We would like to introduce effective practices and strategies for immigrant investors from different backgrounds to blend in with the local business community more smoothly and assist in achieving their investment goals while developing Canadian business. This project would ultimately contribute to job creation and local economic development.

2. Tenkk would like to provide various programs and business opportunities to encourage BC companies to work with investors who have foreign resources. This will greatly facilitate information exchanges, enhance the globalization of their brands, create elite brands which are “made in BC” and improve their international reputation.

Our vision is to brand beautiful British Columbia not only one of the best cities to live in the world, but also a manufacturing and exporting powerhouse for entrepreneurs and business owners.
We have faith in government’s commitment in economic development, technology innovation and job creation. We would like to work with provincial government on the Gateway Project and promote a sustainable environment for immigrant investors.

We look forward to hearing back from you and meeting with you in the near future to discuss the details of the Gateway Project.


Best regards,

Tenkk Consulting
Feb 01, 2018